PT ABC President Indonesia launched another innovative product, Nu Milk Tea produced with Aseptic Cold Filling Technology
Last Updated: 2012-06-19
PT ABC President Indonesia Luncurkan Satu Lagi Inovasi Produk, Nu Milk Tea Dengan Technology Aseptic Cold Filling

Jakarta, May 9th, 2012 - PT ABC President Indonesia, manufacturer of high quality food and beverage, today unveiled its latest product innovation, Nu Milk Tea. The product was launched in "Nu Milk Tea Tastefully Comforting Experience" event at PT ABC President Indonesia factory, aims to provide a real experience to observe the process of making and enjoying of the new product. In addition, PT ABC President Indonesia also wants to educate people about how the Aseptic Cold Filling technology ensures sterile products and without the needs to use preservatives, which makes Nu Milk Tea has a natural flavor and maintain the nutrients contained in the product.

Tea market is more and more be segmented and still has a big market opportunity, ready to drink (RTD) tea growth reached 9% with volume of 1.177 million liters in 2010 (according to 2011 Euromonitor) is one of the reasons why PT ABC President Indonesia launch the product in this category.

Dwi Hatmadji, Head of Marketing PT ABC President Indonesia said that Nu Milk Tea was created to meet public demand. Nowadays, not many industries that make milk-based products in PET packaging, especially unique ready-to-drink beverage, a combination of milk and tea with a delicious blend of flavors. "Milk and tea are both perceived as a healthy beverage, both of them have a delicious blend of flavors and currently becoming a trend in Asia" Adji explained.

In his statement, Dwi Hatmadji also revealed that from the National Census & World Bank report on 2010, middle class consumers in Indonesia increase by 37% in 2003 and 56% in 2010, he is optimist that the sale of Nu Milk Tea products will reach hundreds billion Rupiah in three years. To achieve this goal, various approaches have been done, such as keep focus on the ready-to-drink beverage market, aggressive expansion in the distribution network (modern, GT & on-premise), aggressive promotion campaigns including the placement of regular display, TV commercial, social media, and pricing strategy. "Along with this goal, we introduce our latest product, Nu Milk Tea in Indonesia and to reach that stage we will distribute it in several big cities in Indonesia," he added.

Vice President of Manufacturing of PT ABC President Indonesia, Cheng Pho Cih, also explained what make Nu Milk Tea different from the other RTD beverage is the Aseptic Cold Filling technology. "Basically, this technology is the production and packaging technology that allowed a full sterile process, in the absence of human touch throughout the process. All of our products, after passed through the mixing process, it is going through the UHT (Ultra High Temperature) sterilization process, and then lowered the temperature, so the product could be put into the packaging with no heat". Cheng added.

The benefit of Cold Filling Technology is the ability to maintained the taste, aroma, and texture of the nutrient contents in the products. "Those thing will not be possible if using Hot Filling process, because the taste, aroma, and texture from ingredients will definitely changed along the production process" Cheng added.

This latest product marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for PT ABC President Indonesia. Nu Milk Tea will be projected to be the future market leader.