Nu Milk Tea

Nu Milk Tea, made from a blend of premium-brewed tea (Pekoe Tea) with high-quality real milk, with a great sensation and smoothness, raise your sense of comfort in every activities. Nu Milk Tea available in 330 ml bottle. Tastefully Comforting! Enjoy Nu Milk Tea!

PET ASEPTIC : Taste of Nu Milk Tea will always stay original because we are using PET ASEPTIC COLD FILLING TECHNOLOGY without preservatives. The benefit of  Aseptic Cold Filling Technology is to retain the taste, aroma, and texture of the nutrient contents in the product. After UHT process, Nu Milk Tea is packed in chilled condition inside a room and aseptic equipment to avoid contaminations and to keep the product stay sterile.

Nu Milk Tea 330 ml
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Nu Milk Tea 330 ml


Water, Tea Leaves, Sugar, Milk Powder, Stabilizer

Nutrition Facts Nu Milk Tea 330 ml

Serving suggestion : Best served chilled, shake well before serving, avoid from direct sunlight, and high temperature. After open the bottle, put it into a refrigerator or drink it on the same day because we are not using preservatives.

No Artificial ColoringNo PreservativesPet Aseptic